Like many industries, the packaging printing industry is changing.


My drive is to transform graphic packaging development - the process from the creative phase to packaging printing - into a sustainable and efficient future.


 Specifically, it's about "Business Development", "Business Opportunities" and "Print 4.0".


Always with a focus on your customer, I optimise processes, implement evolutionary or disruptive innovations with you and create a unique selling proposition and added value for your customer. For existing markets and customers, but also to open up new markets and customers.


 For FMCG brand manufacturers, I make existing packaging development processes future-proof, more sustainable and more scalable.


My motivation

"The secret of getting ahead is to get started" Mark Twain

Since my apprenticeship I have had a soft spot for printing innovations from pre-press to printing technologies.

I have also been fascinated by the packaging market, the market dynamics and the corresponding interrelationships. That's why I worked in responsible sales positions and successfully developed the business. But I also opened up new markets. Through these many years of experience, I have built up a great deal of "market know-how" and a huge network, in addition to a great understanding of printing technology.

I am particularly motivated by working with people, forming teams and developing each individual by passing on my knowledge and experience.


My passion

I have dedicated my whole life to my passion of packaging printing.


After my training as a gravure and flexo printer, I deepened my knowledge by studying print and media technology. I successfully graduated as a graduate engineer (FH) in printing and media technology.


I then took on responsible sales positions and in this capacity developed customers, opened up new markets and even set up and managed new locations outside Germany.



Today, I still see the beauty and benefits of packaging. I want to drive the change in graphic packaging development. And in doing so, I want to take the people involved with me and infect them at least a little bit with my enthusiasm.