The "Should-do"-theme

I believe that most companies - whether they are brandowners, agencies, prepress, tooling suppliers or printers - usually know very well what needs to be done to improve things.


However, it very often fails because either there is not enough capacity among their own skilled staff or the required expertise is not available among existing staff. Especially in the first case, these points end up on the "should-be-done" pile.


Nowadays it is more important than ever before, to avoid project backlogs. Now it counts to compensate the increasing raw material- and energy-costs to be competitive in the future.


Thanks to my training as a gravure and flexographic printer, my subsequent studies in printing and media technology and my almost 20 years of professional experience in the field of pre-press and printing of packaging, I can help you to work through the "should-do" pile. From planning and implementation to staff training and documentation, I can handle it all. 


Even if you need temporary expertise in pre-press and packaging printing, but it is not worth hiring an expert, I can cover these tasks for you.


Please feel free to contact me to find out whether I can support you. If I'm not the right person for you, I'll tell you that honestly, of course! So you can only benefit!

The space for ideas

Sometimes it helps to look at problems from the outside to find a solution more quickly.


Together with your team, I look at known problems or take a look at your processes and make appropriate suggestions for improvement.


Of course, I don't leave you alone with these suggestions, but implement them together with you. And I ensure sustainability by creating the corresponding documentation and training your team.


I have a lot of experience and expertise, especially in solving the interface problems between brandowners, pre-press and printing.


So that companies from the FMCG sector (food and non-food) - regardless of whether they are start-ups or companies without their own "packaging department" - can devote themselves fully to their product, I take care of the graphic packaging development. And build a process with you that allows you to easily apply the packaging implementation for all upcoming projects.


The illusion of communication

I have long been convinced that many problems and wastes of time and money are caused by a lack of communication between brand owners, agencies, pre-press and printers.


All colour management solutions start in prepress and then run through to print. In most cases only up to the first print run, which is still often personally approved by the customer.


I can really be thankful that Daniel Drochner and Michael Jonen (both Siegwerk Druckfarben) brought ColorGrail's solution to my attention. For me, the huge potential of this system was immediately clear and that is why I am very happy today to have become a partner of ColorGrail for the packaging sector.


The ColorGrail solution is the only one on the market that offers the possibility to ensure the colour communication from the start of the graphic packaging development to the incoming inspection of the packaging material in a simple and intuitive way. Without prior knowledge of colourimetry and just as accurate as spectrophotometers used today. 


I would like to present this solution to you and, of course, help you implement it in your process. If you are unsure whether the system has added value for you, I will work it out based on your current process.


I think you should take a look at it!

The easy way of colour control

ColorGrail's solution is also superior to existing systems for process control.


The fact alone that everything from comparative measurement to report generation works with this one device is already convincing. You don't need extra software or a cable connection to a PC. 


Based on your current processes and taking into account the feasibility, I establish a sensible and above all simple colour control. This also enables the integration of brand owners and agencies, as well as controls of the printed packaging material.


Let me convince you how simple colour control can be!

Your support in packaging development.

For brand owners - whether start-ups or companies without a packaging department - it can be a big effort to take care of graphic packaging development and especially the print implementation of the designs.


I work with you to build a network and a process of graphic packaging development so that you are prepared for all upcoming projects. Work with you on standards to ensure that the packaging achieves the desired effects at the point of sale and that consistent colour is guaranteed.


If you only need temporary support with the technical implementation of packaging designs, I will be happy to take on such projects for you. From briefings for pre-press and printing to print approval, I am happy to take responsibility for this task.