The "Should-do"-theme

Every day, your employees do their best to meet customer requirements, ensure quality and keep costs as low as possible. There is no time for the development of new ideas or optimisation possibilities and their implementation in the day-to-day business and the ideas end up in the "should-do pile". Do you know this?


But this pile often contains the very ideas that will make your processes more efficient and cost-effective. Or even bring additional customer benefits that give you a competitive advantage.


Every day that you don't work on the pile costs you cash and increases the risk that the competition will pass you by.


 I bring everything I need to make these projects happen for you. In addition to your benefits, I always make sure to be customer-centric. Because in everything you do, you must not lose sight of the market.

Business development

I use my many years of market knowledge, my knowledge of packaging printing and my passion for new and sometimes disruptive technologies to develop additional benefits for your customers and unique selling points with you. The goals are stronger customer loyalty, the acquisition of new customers and also an advance into new markets.


 However, it does not remain with the plans, but I actively accompany you in the implementation - together with your sales department. You benefit from my many years of experience in building up customers and markets as a "sales person" and "sales manager" in the packaging printing industry. 

The illusion of communication

I have long been convinced that many problems and wastes of time and money are caused by a lack of communication between brand owners, agencies, pre-press and printers.


All colour management solutions start in prepress and then run through to print. In most cases only up to the first print run, which is still often personally approved by the customer.


I can really be thankful that Daniel Drochner and Michael Jonen (both Siegwerk Druckfarben) brought ColorGrail's solution to my attention. For me, the huge potential of this system was immediately clear and that is why I am very happy today to have become a partner of ColorGrail for the packaging sector.


The ColorGrail solution is the only one on the market that offers the possibility to ensure the colour communication from the start of the graphic packaging development to the incoming inspection of the packaging material in a simple and intuitive way. Without prior knowledge of colourimetry and just as accurate as spectrophotometers used today. 


I would like to present this solution to you and, of course, help you implement it in your process. If you are unsure whether the system has added value for you, I will work it out based on your current process.


It also takes your remote print approval capability to a new level! From mere estimation to colour reliability and objectivity.


I think you should take a look at it!

The easy way of colour control

ColorGrail's solution is also superior to existing systems for process control.


The fact alone that everything from comparative measurement to report generation works with this one device is already convincing. You don't need extra software or a cable connection to a PC. 


Based on your current processes and taking into account the feasibility, I establish a sensible and above all simple colour control. This also enables the integration of brand owners and agencies, as well as controls of the printed packaging material.


Let me convince you how simple colour control can be!

Your support in packaging development.

For FMCG brand owners, the dovetailing between the "creative phase" and final packaging printing is becoming increasingly important. Until today, the two are still decoupled, resulting in friction losses and unnecessary effort and costs. In addition, brand owners need to think not only about packaging printing when creating a database, but also about the use of 3D mockups for webshops, digital catalogues and - who knows - maybe also for the metaverse.


I build a network and a process of graphic packaging development with you so that you are prepared for all upcoming projects. Work out standards with you so that the packaging achieves the desired effects at the point of sale and consistent colour is guaranteed.